Northeast Christian Church

Core Groups

At Northeast we believe that in order to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ, we must be connected to other believers. Core Groups are small groups of 8-10 people that meet weekly to encourage one another in their spiritual growth. Some groups meet in people's homes and others meet right here at the church. Different groups meet on different nights of the week to accommodate schedules.

What Core Groups Are Not

  • Gossip Sessions
  • Judgmental
  • Lecture Based
  • Time Consuming
  • Another Program To Fill The Calendar With

What Core Groups Are

  • Real People Discussing Real Life
  • Caring Relationships
  • Life Applicable Bible Study
  • Christians Taking Care Of Each Other's Needs

Maybe you've tried a small group before. Maybe it just didn't fit you. Give Core Groups a try. If it doesn't impact your life then you don't have to sign back up. Core Groups have already made a huge impact in the lives of so many and we think you'll be surprised. To request more information about Core Groups click here.